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Hello everybody, this is Bradley here and thank you to everyone checking out my guide. Today I'm sharing my three musketeers + Golem deck which helped me push from Arena 8 (I was at around 2400) to my current state at 3200+. Getting to legendary arena, I had only TWO losses! This deck can counter almost anything, and there are replacements for the cards you may not have yet.

This deck uses the Elixir Collector, Golem, Three Musketeers, Goblins, Minions, Ice wizard, Inferno Dragon, and lastly the Zap.

Elixir Collector (Min Level 6) - The Elixir Collector is a must-have in this deck. Without this card, the deck will ultimately fail. When starting, Place it right in front of the kings tower to hopefully start stocking up on elixir, or to draw out any fireballs, rockets, lightning etc. If your opponent uses any of these, keep in mind how many cards they have left until they use it again. If not, Move to your golem, on either side behind your king tower.

Golem (Min level 2) - The golem is the tank in this deck. When starting, do NOT place before having the elixir collector down (Unless it is double elixir). Once the Elixir Collector is down, place the golem behind your kings tower, And follow it up with three musketeers a couple spaces behind it. This force alone is normally enough to take a tower, and even, the kings tower at times. IF they use a spell to take out your musketeers, this is when you use the ice wizard +(pick one) minions/gobs/inferno dragon to suffice. If they do not and you take the tower, and your musketeers aren't damaged with your golem intact, go for the three crown. 90% of the time this suceeds. If there is an inferno tower, just zap it about a second into it doing damage to the golem. Also, if it is double elixir/overtime, don't worry about the elixir collector being placed, just follow the above steps without it, as it is only a waste to use. If there is a large push coming, you can also use the golem in front of a tower to tank the hits, and proceed with the following steps afterwards.

Minions (Min level 9; alternative= princess, Mega minion lvl 6) - The minions in the beginning I use solely for defense. if they use a hog combination, pair the minions and the zap or ice wizard to deal lots of damage, and counterpush with inferno dragon. This normally results in a tower being half damaged or destroyed. Use to attack in the above steps with the golem and musketeers.

Goblins (min level 9; alternative= Princess, spear goblins, mega minion) - This card is what I call secondary defense, and also used on a push with the golem and musketeers. If a hog is coming, I normally use minions because the zap will not kill them, and instead of you wasting two elixir, they do. If they have a miner or ice wizard coming alone, this is when i defend against it. Also good against a giant, Giant skeleton, or any other tank to distract, and pair with inferno dragon to stop the push, and create your own with some minions or ice wizard.


Inferno dragon (alternatives; inferno tower min level 6) - I would highly recommend this card, without it, it is very difficult to counter large tanks, and you can't effectively counter push. If needed you can use the inferno tower, but place it beside the crown tower so it doesn't get destroyed. When you're not defending with the inferno dragon, pair it with the golem if your musketeers get shot down, or if your opponent is low on elixir, pair it with the ice wizard (in front of dragon) to do massive damage to a tower. (When pushing, you can zap small units to move to the tower quicker.

Zap (min level 9; alternative= log) Either the zap or log will suffice. Both can take out skeleton armies, gobs, skeletons, goblin barrel, and do little damage to destroy a tower when need be. Use the zap when a minion horde is coming and let the tower do the rest for a 3 elixir profit, and stop goblin barrels to make a profit and stop their attack. Also great to use on inferno towers when the golem is being hurt.

Ice wizard (Alternative= ice spirit) - I have tried both variations using the ice spirit and ice wizard, and both will work great, so do not worry if you don't have this rare card. The ice wizard has the counterpush advantage however. Use this to stop nearly anything attacking. Whether it be hog, miner, minions, goblins, etc. Also if you have the spare elixir, pair it with the golem and some small unit if your musketeers go down. Then quickly cycle and put the musketeers down to maximize effect.

Three musketeers (Min Level 7; alternatives= none) The first thing you may be wondering is, why level 7? Well, fireball is the big answer. Most people in frozen peak, and some in legendary arena don't have the fireball a high enough level to kill them with one shot, leaving a fraction of health left. With them being protected behind the golem, this health doesn't matter, and will be enough to take a tower. Pair these three behind the golem as said earlier, or use to defend against lava hound, giant, or anything else if the inferno dragon isn't around. They also work great against the graveyard.

Thank you to all of those who will give my deck a try, and thank you to clashroyalearena for letting me share this deck with you all.

Arena 5 Deck for Clash Royale

Author:Arena 5 Deck for Clash Royale
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